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Cute Flower Bunny Sling Bag for kids with mirror, Comb and Keychain

Cute Flower Bunny Sling Bag for kids with mirror, Comb and Keychain

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  1. Flower Bunny Theme: The sling bag features an adorable and charming design with a choice of either a Strawberry Bear or Flower Bunny theme. This playful design adds a touch of cuteness to the bag, making it perfect for girls.

  2. Square Shape: The bag is designed in a square shape, providing a spacious interior to hold essentials such as a small comb, round mirror, and doll keychain. The square shape allows for easy organization and access to items.

  3. Silicone Material: Made from high-quality silicone material, the bag is durable and easy to clean. It is also water-resistant, providing protection for the contents of the bag.

  4. Small Comb: The bag includes a small comb, making it convenient for girls to groom their hair on the go. The comb can be securely stored inside the bag without taking up much space.

  5. Round Mirror: A round mirror is included in the bag, allowing girls to check their appearance whenever needed. The mirror is compact and fits perfectly inside the bag's interior pocket.

  6. Doll Keychain: The bag comes with a cute doll keychain, adding a playful element to the overall design. The keychain can be attached to the bag's zipper or used separately.

  7. Silicone Removable Handle: The bag features a removable silicone handle that can be attached or detached based on personal preference. The handle provides a convenient way to carry the bag in hand.

  8. Adjustable Strap: The bag is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows girls to wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. The strap can be adjusted to the desired length, ensuring a comfortable fit.

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