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Suitcase Style Password lock Pencil Case

Suitcase Style Password lock Pencil Case

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Suitcase style password lock pencil case   

  • Material : Plastic 
  • Multipurpose Stationary Organizer – This pencil box is the best stationary kit organizer for school going kids and children.
  • Suitcase style, password lock pencil case
  • Features – Password lock features with double layer compartments, each one to pop out double layer box with wheels, eraser compartment, additional compartment and pencil/pen holder.
  • A password lock pencil box is a type of storage container designed to keep your writing utensils and other small items safe and secure.
  • To use the password lock feature, you must first set a unique code that only you can remember. This is done by rotating the dials or pressing the buttons on the lock mechanism to create your chosen combination. Once set, the lock will remain in place until the correct combination is entered to unlock the box.
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